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The Easy, Medium, Hard Workout Routine

Short And Effective Workout Routine #5: The “Easy/Medium/Hard” Workout

No Equipment Needed ​and this routine should only take 7.5 minutes to complete. 

This workout has one movement pattern that goes from an easy movement, to a “medium” difficulty movement to “My legs are on fire,” movement and then does the same for the upper body.

Today, you will be going from easy, medium to hard for one round and then doing the opposite, going from hard, medium to easy on the way back down.

Lower Body Easy: Jumping Jacks
Lower Body Medium: In and Out Jumping Squats
Lower Body Hard: Star Jumps
Upper Body Easy: Arms fully extended Plank
Upper Body Medium: Mountain Climbers
Upper Body Hard: Push-up to Plank (Leading with each arm for 8 before switching)

Everything is for 30 seconds except the Push-up to Plank Movement

Here’s me doing the full routine and hating my life for 7 minutes:

This routine should take about 7.5 to 18 minutes to complete. If you do one round, you should really aim to do it in less than 7.5 minutes (under 7 minutes and 10 seconds would be ideal). If you decide to do two rounds, it should be ideally under 18 minutes. Seven and a half minutes for each round, plus a 3-minute break (or less) in between rounds.

*For those of you who ever want to see me dying, watch me after doing the second round of Star Jumps.

Pictures And Instructions of the Exercises

Jumping Jacks

In and Out Jumping Squats

Start in a standing position feet together. Jump out with both legs and simultaneously reach both hands down towards the ground. Jump back up towards the middle. That’s one rep.

Star Jumps
Start with both feet close together. Bend down reaching your elbows to your thighs. From that position explode up, fully extending your arms and legs out, and on the way back down, land with your feet close and again bring your elbows down close to your thighs.

Fully Extended Plank
Start in a fully extended push-up position and hold.

Mountain Climbers
Start in a push-up position with one leg bent and the other fully extended. Jump up and alternate which leg is in and alternate.

Push-up to Plank
Start in a fully extended push-up position. Move down onto your forearms, leading up and down with one arm. Complete all the reps leading up and down with one arm and then switch and do the same thing leading up and down with the other arm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Try to rest as little as possible throughout this whole sequence. The less rest, the harder the workout will be. The more rest, the easier it will be. Try to keep moving even if your quads are burning.

Time to Complete
This workout should take 7 to 8 minutes to complete if you do one round and a little over 18 minutes if you do two rounds.

There are no weights in this routine. You might need a mat for the push-up to plank movement.

Stop If…
If your form breaks down or you feel any pain (not a muscle burning from doing the work) either stop the movement or adjust it.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to let me know.

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