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My First Full Length Play

My “First” Full-Length Play: The Game Changer

On Labor day last year, I officially had written my first draft of my play, which I had spent all of August writing. 

Since that time, I’ve taken a playwriting class, watched about another 50 plays, wrote 4 other versions of this play, wrote another full- length personal play that I put through 5 edits (that a total of 5 people will ever read), wrote a short play, and went through 6 edits of the current iteration of this play. 

And after all of that writing, after all of that editing, I can say this about it: I think it’s the best I can do right now (on my own, without feedback from others – that’ll be the next round of edits), but I hate it.

To be exact, I hate it, at about 65%. 35% I like, or can tolerate.

Why does anyone choose to write? Hours and hours spent writing it and I mostly hate it. 

I’m hoping it’s like saying a word too often: Serial, serial, serial…Is Serial even a word? Do I mean cereal? What’s serial even mean? I’m hoping I’ve read it so much, that I can’t see anything good in it…but it’s probably because I know it requires more work and I’m not sure of the direction it should go.

I wrote these words on April 9th, in an Instagram Post (my last one for close to 3 months now).

Since then, I’ve written the first draft of a harder play for me to write, and made edits to this play.

I know I have two more edits left to The Game Changer. I know this. But I did make 2 more edits after I wrote those words, and was left with one thing. I needed to fix the ending. Once I did that, “the hate” that I had for it, dropped to about 25%. Which means those last 2 edits will allow me to maybe even like it. And, the encouraging thing, was that I submitted it to one festival, and it made it as a finalist, despite not being the changed ending. So there’s that.

Synopsis for The Game Changer

The Game Changer: Jake finds himself in an ethically non-monogamous relationship, after originally experimenting with the idea.  The relationships are going as well as any relationship can, when he goes on a date with a new woman.  Will his life ever be the same afterwards?  The Game Changer is a play exploring modern dating, love, and the contrasts and similarities between monogamy and non-monogamy, in today’s world. 

If you’re interested in reading it, email me at [email protected]