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How I Lost Fat During the Holidays

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what Creator’s Course is and before I respond to what it is, let me tell you a little story.  

You see, Fat Loss U (currently Creator’s Course) began because I saw there is a gaping hole in accountability when it comes to personal training.  If I see a person once or twice per week, and although I ask them how they’re eating in between sessions, the accountability only comes about 2 times per week.  I can show them exercises, but how they deal with setbacks, how they deal with upcoming social events, and strategies they can use in order to stay on track in between the sessions is key.

Have they continued to work out on their own?  Are they on target with their sleep?  Are they getting enough protein?  How much alcohol are they consuming?  And I don’t think they’re actively lying, but recall memory is often times less than great.  “Oh, I ate pretty good over the weekend,” and they tell me about a salad they ate at brunch, forgetting about the 5 mimosas they had.

Or they complain about not seeing results, but they have only been working out 2 sessions per week, eating at maintenance calories, and then not moving at all over the weekends and barely move during the week.  I’m not talking about working out.  I’m talking simply about moving.  Do you walk more than 10,000 steps per day or is your weekend activity limited to you walking to your bed to your fridge, to your couch and back?

And I’m not judging, but those things absolutely matter if you’re trying to change your body and your health.

So that’s why I started Creator’s Course (previously Fat Loss U).  As a way for clients to be able to stay accountable, daily to their goals.  Because if you practice (my last email) daily, then you’re going to get better than only thinking about it, once or twice per week.  And by practicing daily, you have the chance to do something you didn’t think was possible – get better and make the changes a lifestyle habit.

A Lifestyle Habit

The key to a successful transformation is turning healthy choices into lifestyle habits.  That’s always the key.  Today, tomorrow, forever, the choice is always the same – can you create the momentum (email from 2 days ago), that allows you to create new and healthy lifestyle habits?

And for some people in the program, the daily accountability worked.  Or started to work, but then the program would end.  Originally it was for 12 weeks and during those 12 weeks, they started to make changes and gain momentum, but then the program would end, along with the daily accountability.  It was then, that they started to slip.

Yet it made the people going through the program, more cognizant of what they were eating.  

They Held Themselves to a Higher Standard

And that was the goal:  To get clients themselves to hold themselves to a higher standard.

But not only that, but to also give them the tools and strategies to live up to that standard.

Beyond that, I wanted to create the program so that anyone could afford it That price wasn’t an issue.  If you can’t afford $7, it really isn’t a priority for you then.  And that’s fine, but don’t give me some nonsense that you want to change and then complain about price, because it isn’t the price.  

If you don’t have the mental space for the change, that’s one thing.  That makes sense.  Change takes up a lot of mental space, but I didn’t want money to be the limiting factor.

And finally, I wanted people to be able to see that other people were going through the same thing.  That the struggles of change, happen to everyone, and within that community, find strength in knowing you’re not alone.

That was the goal.  That anyone can do it.  That if you care about changing your habits, daily accountability is often times the most powerful ways of change and that you can find a community going through the same struggles, while also celebrating your wins.  

That’s why I created Creator’s Course

But, you still might not know what it is.

What is Creator’s Course

It’s rocket science, so it’s hard to explain.  No, I’m being facetious.   In fact, it’s the complete opposite of that.  Here’s the basic summary:  

You check-in to a daily Private Facebook group daily…and I respond to your check-in.

What do you check-in on?  One of four habits:
1 – Eating 40 grams or protein per meal
2 – Limiting alcohol to 4 drinks or less
3 – Sleeping 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night
4 – Working out 5 days per week and being active the other 2 days

Which two habits?  Any two that you want.

What if you feel you already do those two habits?  Prove it.  When you hit 80% compliance for 4 weeks with any habit, you then add one of the other ones, of your choosing, and so on.

But I don’t know if I can get that much sleep?  Let’s at least test it.

I don’t know what a gram of protein looks like?  That’s what the program is for.

Only 4 drinks per day?  I can do that.  No silly…per week.  Can you do that?

I already work out 5 days per week.  Good.  Are those workouts aligned with your goals?

How do I know if my workouts are aligned with my goals?  You can read this post, or join the program and I can help you figure that out.

What happens if I hit 80% compliance with all 4 habits?  You graduate to tracking your macros.

What are macros?  Protein, carbs, and fat, along with total calories. 

But that sounds like a lot.  I think it’ll be too much.   The truth is, you would already be tracking your protein intake.  You would just be adding carbs and fat and you will get a better idea as to where you should be and how to get there.

But I’m going on vacation, I don’t’ know if I’ll be able to check-in then.  Good, don’t check in while you’re away.  Enjoy your vacation, until you’re a master at tracking.  Until then, learn to live your life while still being somewhat conscious of what you’re putting into your body and how you’re treating it.

Here’s the bottom line: 
If you want to actually make a change, I think this program can help you.   Whether your goal is to lose fat, tone up, or gain muscle.

How I Lost Fat During the Holidays

Ahh…the Infamous Bathroom Selfie

Which brings me to, how I lost fat during the holidays.  

Last year, I did the program with everyone.  More as a way to understand and get a better grasp of the program and the struggles that people go through.

I will tell you this, my compliance was not always the greatest.  Seriously, there were times where I was barely getting 50%.   Yet despite that, this was the first time during the holidays, I didn’t gain any fat in about 5 years, mainly because I drank less, and the first time in recent memory I can remember actually losing fat (while still having a whole tray of lasagna on Christmas).  

Also, I’m already on track to work out more this January than I did last January.

For the first time in my adult life, I average more than 7 hours of sleep per night.  

I feel healthier, I look better and am more hopeful of the future, not because I didn’t know what to do.  
And I improved, not because I didn’t already do most of the things listed.  I did.  
And it wasn’t because I didn’t already feel accountable, because being in this field, you are – to your clients.

The difference maker was simply this: I was accountable, every single day.

So, if I can improve after 20 years of working out on my own, imagine what I think the benefit would be, for you.

What Will You Choose? 

But I can’t decide this for you.  You have to decide that for yourself.  If you want to improve, I absolutely believe this program can help you.

And at $7 per week, where you can cancel at any time, why wouldn’t you at least try it?

Seriously, it boils down to one question:  Do you want to improve? Yes or No?

If the answer’s yes, then join the program.   If the answer’s no, then I hope you’re already where you want to be.  Congratulations!  

And if you’re scared to commit, if you sign-up using this link, you get Two Weeks Free.

So do you want to improve? Yes or No?​