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Hoboken Fitness is Moving!

For the past 6 years and 9 months, I’ve run Hoboken Fitness out of two locations.  The first location was at 51 Newark St (the same building as the Starbucks by the Path)​, and if you’ve been with me long enough, then you might remember that small room. It was a 10 by 16 room, where I had dumbbells, kettlebells, a squat rack, and “The Bike”…but it worked great.  When I eventually outgrew that location, I moved to where I’m at now, 112 Willow Ave.

For the past 3 years and 9 months, I’ve been here, in a slightly larger location, 17 x 24 (at least the training area) continuing to experiment with techniques and ways to help you see the results you want.  112 Willow has been good to me, and I’ve always liked how it was a little off – literally – as that’s always how I’ve seen myself and my business.

I’ve always wanted a place where people could go and get no frills personal training, that focused, not on just getting a sweaty workout – shit, you could do that by jumping up and down in your apartment – but one that blended the hard science of getting results with the art of personal training.

It’s what I’ve wanted from Day 1 and continues to this day.

But this is hard.  There’s so much bullshit out there, so many shiny new balls that seek out attention – Keto diets, Intermittent Fasting, No carbs, low carbs, Whole 30, Orange Theory, CrossFit, SoulCycle, etc.  All shiny objects and nothing wrong, really, with any of them.

Basically, I wanted Hoboken Fitness to be something that can work along with anything you may want to experiment with.  If you like a certain type of workout, I would always encourage you to try it out.  If you want to try a certain type of eating, go for it.

But know that the METHOD you choose, should not violate the PRINCIPLES for the goals you’re trying to achieve.  What I’ve been focused on, this whole time, is very simply the PRINCIPLES of achieving your goals.  There are few principles, yet tons of methods. I’m not going to chase the latest craze, because you don’t need to.

At the same time, the whole point of personal training is to tailor those principles to YOU.

This takes the science of personal training (the PRINCIPLES) and combines it with the art of personal training (YOUR PERSONALITY).  That’s where specific methods come into play.

Every Ending is a New Beginning

With that said, my time at 112 Willow is coming to an end, but will eventually be moving to a slightly larger location on 600 Hudson St (across the street from Court St), a half a block from Washington and 6th St.  But the build-out for that location won’t be complete until sometime between April 1st and April 15th.

In the interim, the studio will be at a smaller and innocuous location at 80 River St (door entrance is between Texas Arizona and Cadillac Cantina).

Studio Address:

Today until this Friday, March 15th:  112 Willow Ave

Interim space (Monday, Mar 18th until Buildout is complete):  80 River St.  Third floor. Take the elevator up, make a left, past the two bathrooms, go through the glass door, and make a left through the wooden panel glass door.

April 15th (if not sooner):  600 Hudson St (entrance will be on the side of the building)

Thank you to everyone I’ve had the privilege of being able to train, and has trusted Hoboken Fitness to help improve your body and mind, at both 51 Newark St, and 112 Willow Ave.

I hope to see you all soon and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me, or text me at (732) 735-4093.  Thank You and Cheers!

John Leyva: Hoboken Fitness Owner and Personal Trainer 
Personal Training: Both 1-on-1, and 2-on-1

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