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Hoboken Fitness Changes

If you’ve never been a client at Hoboken Fitness and never planned on it, but are on the list about health and fitness information, then here are a few sample meal plans you can use to lose fat AND be healthy:  ​Meal Plans, Supplements, and other Nutrition Details

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For everyone else, especially if you’re a current client, here’s my email.  If you’re just looking for the details on the changes, you can scroll down to the bottom portion of this email. 

Hoboken Fitness Beginnings

I started Hoboken Fitness in a 160 square foot studio in June of 2012​.  At the time I had just left a corporate fitness job where I had been a manager and trainer for 7 years and started the business to train people without all the BS I see in the industry, and eventually to have enough time to write.  At the time, I thought what I would be writing about would be fitness (may still happen), but as time has gone on, that has shifted to other interests.

My first clients were referrals (Hey Malkia, a referral from Hector, who has been a client on and off since) and people who chose to continue working with me, although it wasn’t the most convenient for them (one client drove from Wayne to see me, and another from the outskirts of Queens:  Luz and Gerard).

It wasn’t because there weren’t other trainers, or even that they didn’t know what to do, but because they believed in and enjoyed working with me.  Whenever I think of that, and a lot of the clients I have now, I get an overwhelming sense of gratitude (seriously, thank you all).  To be able to do what you enjoy doing, while working with people you enjoy working with (my clients), makes everything else in life more enjoyable.  As business grew, I knew that I was lucky to have that spot at 51 Newark St (Thanks so much Dina! And to all the clients that remember that place, thanks for being with me so long), but knew it was time to leave (below is a collage of 51 Newark when I left it and 112 Willow before and after).  

My next location was 112 Willow Ave.  It was literally one of the first places that I looked at, and at the time was a jump in terms of the rent I was paying.  As time went on, and I needed to hire trainers, the two qualities I looked for, and wanted to perpetuate, when it came to fitness was simply this:
1. They are good people, who
2.  Wanted to learn more about fitness.

Those were my criterion for hiring trainers and thankfully, I can say that I honestly believe the people I hired were all good people.  The “wanted to learn more about fitness” part was only added as a second criterion after a couple mis-steps originally.

Ever since then, I’ve felt lucky, to not only work with good trainers, but good people in general.

In February, when I found out, I needed to leave 112 Willow, I looked at a few locations, but nothing really popped for me, like it did the first two times I found a location.  I knew those first two places “felt right” when I saw them.

Eventually, I settled on 600 Hudson St.  I liked the location, and the spot itself, but was worried about the neighbors.  It’s a nice building and I was pretty sure that the people who lived there wouldn’t exactly be excited to have a personal training studio next door.  I was ensured it would be alright.

It hasn’t been.  There have been other complications that resulted in an order to vacate last week (Thursday).  Aka, my business was temporarily shut down.

An Order to Vacate = What To Do?

I meditate almost every day and in doing so, I feel closer to my truest desires.

Friday morning, I meditated after that gut punch of a Thursday, and by Friday afternoon, a thought started to formulate.

This thought would be vastly different than what I’ve been doing for the past 7 years, but felt right.  I gave it the weekend to mull over it…to see if the enthusiasm died down.  To see if it started to feel wrong.  But the more I thought about it and spoke about it with friends, the more it felt this is what should happen and would work out best for everyone involved.

What is the Strength of a Fitness Business?

On Thursday, when everything in the studio got moved to a garage, there was only one thing I was certain that I wanted to take with me:  The Binders of everyone’s information and workouts.

Why this?  Because the strength of a fitness business isn’t in the equipment someone has or doesn’t (if you were at my interim spot, you will recognize that we didn’t have a cable machine which is the most expensive piece of equipment that’s about $4k), or a rowing machine, or any other piece of equipment.

The strength of a fitness business is in the people and their knowledge.  The binders are a repertoire of that knowledge, but it is the people – Ezekiel, Bojana, and all of you – along with that knowledge that is the strength of a fitness business.  Give me one dumbbell and I can give you one of the greatest workouts of your life.

The strength of a fitness business isn’t in the equipment available, or the size of the space, but the people and the knowledge.  That’s it.  Everything else is nice, but not necessary.

The Plan…The Changes

So, after much deliberation, it’s time for me to get back to excusively focusing on the people and the knowledge….which means I won’t be opening up another location at this time, but will be training everyone out of SkyClub (107 Marshall St. 7th Floor) – Details Below.  

But……I really, truly believe this is going to be a better choice.  Here’s why. 

The Pros
1.  SkyClub is a nice facility.  We’ll have access to a personal training portion, and the rest of the gym.
2.  You’ll be able to shower there.
3.  We can start training, today.
4.  It’s not any further than any other location I was thinking of.
5.  It’s most aligned with what I was looking for.  A place flexible enough that if I end up finding a spot that resonates with me, I will have the opportunity to move in.
6.  We can test this place out short-term and if it doesn’t feel right, we can move.
7.  But I think this can be a long-term place.

This doesn’t mean, that I think this is a perfect solution, so here’s what I see that could be seen as negative.

The Cons
1.  It’s further for you.  Convenience matters.  I get it.  But I talk about walking more all the time.  If there is a reason for you to walk more or ride your bike, this is it.  But it’s also why I will be offering Uber rides (how to track this will be in the details).
2.  If you liked being completely alone, that won’t be the case here.  But if you train at “off-hours” I can still see it being the case.
3.  You don’t like elevators.  Honestly, I think the elevator is the worst part of this place.
4.  Maybe not a con for some, but there won’t be an AirDyne bike.  There are rowing machines and other fun pieces of equipment, but looking around, I didn’t see the AirDyne bike.  I know it will be sorely missed….

All of that leads me to the details.

The Details

One:  All personal training, starting today and going forward, unless further notice, will be held at SkyClub Fitness.  The address is 107 Marshall St, 7th floor. 
There are also SkyClub condos…it is not that entrance.  The entrance to this location is the ramp on Marshall St.  You have to take the elevator up to the 7th floor and then say that you’re there to train with me (or EZ, or Bojana).

Two:  I’m not 100% sure if they will require more information from you (liability waiver, etc), but I would come in 15-minutes early for your first session, in case they do.  If they require a small membership, let me know and I’ll either pay for it or reimburse you.  When I talked to someone there, I heard two different stories, so let me know.

Three:  As I’ve said, I will be paying for Ubers if you want me to within Hoboken ($6 max each way) until September.  Ideally, you can walk or ride a bike or take the light rail, but I know this location can be far for some clients and if you do use Ubers and want me to reimburse you, all you have to do is take a screen shot of the ride(s) and I will either Venmo you the money or give you a check (whichever is easiest for you) by the following Monday.  Just make sure that you have sent me any rides from that week.

For example, if you take rides this week, Monday May 13th, and say you train today and Saturday and took 2 rides each day, just send me screenshots and I’ll pay you by next Monday (the 20th).

Four:  If you want to stop training, for any reason, please let me know and I will refund any unused sessions for this month.  If, you want to continue training, which is hopefully the case, thank you!

Five:  I had to cancel 20 sessions from Thursday to Saturday.  I will try to make up any sessions over the next couple of weeks, but this week is even harder, as I have an all-day conference on Friday from 8:30 am to 7 pm (this has been on the books for over two months).  With that said, I will be working early mornings over the next two weeks (limited to Tuesdays thru Thursdays) to help make up the sessions and if anyone feels comfortable training with Bojana or EZ, we can do that where I make the workout and they take you through the routine.  I will be reaching out individually, but if you have a good idea as to your schedule in the next week or so, please feel free to let me know. If for any reason, you feel like we can’t make up the session within the next few weeks, and would just like a portion of your money back, please let me know.

Six:  I will be continuing the Monday and Wednesday night small-group training, but limiting it to two people, starting this Wednesday (not today).

Seven:  If you have any questions or comments for me, please feel free to let me know.  In the interim, I hope to see you all this week.

I will be reaching out via texts/emails to schedule sessions for this week now.  Please feel free to reach out to EZ and Bojana to schedule sessions with them also.

All the Best,

Hoboken Fitness

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