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Broadway Shows and Me

This year, 2017, started like any other. I had gone to see a few shows the previous few weeks, but had wanted to go see Wicked. TodayTix (the app I use to get a lot of shows) had 1 ticket available, so I bought it. It was the first show I went to see alone and it was on a Sunday night.

Over the following couple of weeks, I went to see a couple more shows with people, but then I realized, “Hey, I can go see shows on Wednesday afternoons and still have my morning and evening clients.”

And that’s what I did.  Overall, I would say half of the shows I saw with other people and the other half by myself, but I enjoyed all of them.

Since my Broadway Obsession sort of came from now where, people often ask me the same types of questions. Here are a few that I get:

A – What’s your favorite show?

I like to say, “Besides Hamilton, Come From Away.”

Overall, I love a good story, combined with good songs, performances, staging and “the gut punch.” For me, Hamilton combines these elements the best, followed by Come From Away.

Yet, I feel other shows probably had better individual aspects. For example – Best story for me was Oslo. Songs – Wicked, Waitress, Book of Mormon. Performances (I think every performance is amazing, but…) – Recently, Once Upon this Island. Staging – Nothing beat The Great Comet this year. “The Gut Punch” – Tiny Beautiful Things.

My Shows from 2017 – Overall 68 Shows

Come From Away is the story about all the planes that got diverted to a small Canadian town on 9/11 where the passengers stayed for 5 days. It gives a completely different story than the one normally associated with 9/11.

B – What made you get into Broadway?

I have no idea. I can say in retrospect, that it gave me a place to think about life, while not being fully immersed in the bullshit politics of 2017 (aka, Trump).

Most shows had a message of growth and that true growth is in being able to accept yourself more. That is the story I needed in my life for 2017 and I fully embraced it.

C – How can you afford this?

A number of ways, but they all revolve around trying to buy tickets when they’re cheap.

1. Broadway week happens twice per year. Go see a lot of shows those weeks, especially the more expensive ones.

2. If you’re 35 or younger, for plays, google LincTix and HipTix

3. Use TodayTix and know when demand is low or when they first release seats (about 30 days in advance).

4. Use TKTS if you have the time.

5. Purchase tickets early if you know a show is coming out and you can see it in previews.

6. Wait on line for standby tickets.

7. If you can, go when demand is low. A Saturday night show is much more expensive than a Wednesday matinee. Oh, and I barely traveled this year, so this was my “vacation.”

8. Utilize the show’s lottery. Lucky Seat is one such lottery. There are lotteries on TodayTix and if you go to the individual shows, they will usually have their own lottery. If a show has been around for a while, you will have a better chance of winning the lottery.

9. If you go often and you rate shows, Show Score has deals on certain shows. For example, they had a deal for $10 seats for John Leguizamo’s Latin History for Morons. I missed the deal, but there are definitely a few shows I got for very cheap.

How Did You Deal with 2017? 

2017 was a fucking year!

I was working on my business and myself, but Trump was in office doing insane and stupid shit. So, I did what I could to escape and see the positive in life.

There were definitely other things I got into over 2017, but Broadway was probably the one thing that helped me stay on track the most.

What will be your “escape” or “vacation” that allows you to be a better you in 2018?