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Be Better Crew Details

We all might need some Better Days

As the weather cools and the holidays descend upon us (ready or not), I want you to leave this tumultuous year with momentum towards health and a better 2021.

Be Better Crew: Not Perfect, but a Bit better every day.

Often times we want these large overhauls in our lives, and although there’s a time and place for that, most large transformations come about by small, consistent improvements, day after day, week after week. For November and December, I want to help you succeed, in these “UGH Times.”

Be Better Crew Details:

1. It’s Free. There will be no charge (Free for November and December) and if you want to continue in 2021 it’ll be $99 per month starting in January (but no obligation and I won’t be asking for any payment information).

2. Daily Email and Accountability. You will receive accountability for any habit(s) you want to change specifically dealing with Health, Eating, and Workout Habits.

3. Hosted on Mighty Networks. This is a network like a Facebook, without having to go down the political rabbit hole with Facebook. The app will be sent to you and once it’s on your phone you’ll be able to be held accountable straight from Be Better Crew app.

4. There’ll be Workout Videos. All of these will included free of charge and will have options to do body weight or with dumbbells.

5. There Will be Loads of Recipes. 3 Recipes every week for you to try (optional of course).

6. Your Questions Answered. All of your questions concerning any of the habits will be answered.

7. A Crew to Learn from. When other people ask questions, they often reveal questions we may have had that we didn’t even know we had. In that way, we learn from others

8. Optional Weekly “Games” These “Games” will help you stick to your habits and help you improve week to week. They are optional, but may help you recognize energy/time “leaks” in your life.

9. Invite Friends and Family. Change is easier when other people are going through the changes with you. Since the program is free and there’s no obligation, invite everyone you think this program can help.

10. Science backed ways to change when you don’t want to. Accountability, information, and other people, all help us change, even when thre is some internal resistance to change.

Below are the Habits You CAN track for the Program (you can pick up to 3):
Basic Health Habits
1. Sleep – Goal is between 7 to 9 hours per night
2. Workout – Active 5 to 7 days per week with 2 to 3 strength training workouts per week
3. Water – Goal is 100 ounces per day
4. Protein – 40 grams per meal
5. Vegetables – 2 servings at each meal (6 per day)
6. Carbs – 1 serving of single-ingredient at each meal (40 grams per meal)
7. Fat Intake – Limit to 25-40 grams per meal (80 per day)
8. Macro/Calorie Tracking – Tracking Your Protein, Carbs, and Fat
9. Limiting Alcohol to 4 Drinks Per Week

Bodily Sensation Tracking
10. Controlling your eating by building healthy Eating Style habits. Eating only when physically hungry and not to relieve anxiety or stress
11. Stopping when full
12. Chewing 20 times per bite (taking at least 20 minutes to finish a meal)
13. Daily Meditation (10 minute minimum)

If you’re interested in joining The Be Better Crew, just email me at [email protected]

What Does The Be Better Crew Entail?

Be Better Crew Consists of 3 Main Components:

1. Three Daily Practices
A. Charting The Course of Your Day
B. Checking into Mighty Networks App
C. Being Thankful for your food, because…

2. “Games” – Optional Weekly Challenges help to make you more aware of any pitfalls you may encounter.

3. Highlights & Spotlights:
On Fridays, I want you to list one thing that showed you have been making progress.
Spotlights: On Sundays, a question about something from the previous week or a statement of focus for your upcoming week.

Recommitment of Your Bond: You Recommit every time you veer off course

All of these components help to keep the habits you’re trying to change, front of mind. In doing so, you give it the focus often needed to make the changes from unconscious incompetent, to unconscious competent. In other words, you go from not knowing what you don’t know, to having healthy habits be such a natural part of who you are, that you can be said to be living a Healthy Lifestyle.

If you have any questions, or to sign-up for the program, email [email protected]

Last day to sign up is this Sunday, November 1st, 2020.

Let’s take this year and end it at a better place than how we came in!