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Back Story of Fat Loss U

The Backstory of Fat Loss University

Let me tell you a little about the backstory of Fat Loss University.

A – Labor Day Weekend 2012 – I’m at the O’Hare airport in Chicago waiting for a connecting flight to Vegas. I go to a bookstore and purchase a book called 3 Simple Steps.

I devour the book on the plane and by the time I check-in to the hotel, I’m sold on meditating.

For 5 years, meditation is one of the hardest things for me to do. I absolutely hate it. I would rather be doing anything else because I’d actually be Doing Something, but I stick to it because I see the benefits every single day that I do it. But I still hate it. #WorthIT

B – May of 2017 – I oversleep and miss a flight back from Kansas City coming back from a fitness conference. I have time to meditate and that’s what I do.

While waiting for my now delayed flight, I have an idea come together (why I like meditating) about an online fitness program. I write feverishly on the plane for the next 3 hours and I purchase the domain names for the website ( and

C – May thru August – I start putting together stuff for the program but am getting no where – NO WHERE. I don’t know what to do.

D – Sunday before Labor Day Weekend 2017 – I attend a workshop in the city. At the end, of the workshop we have to go around the room and state what we want to work on and by when. I say that I’m going to work on the website by January.

E – Labor Day Weekend 2017 – I say “Fuck that” – and send out an email about Fat Loss University program. I’m not sure what the program will actually be, but I have a few ideas. 12 people to sign-up for the program. I start busting my ass to get the program up and running. As I work on the program, the people in the program work on themselves.

Enter Becky…this is her:

In January 2016, she signed-up to take the advantage of the Small Group Classes.

At the time she weighed 15 more pounds than the “Before” photo above.

Here’s what she had to say about starting the classes:
“Joining your program last January has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only am I still down over 20 lbs, but I’ve become so much healthier and stronger, and gained so much self-confidence.”

The picture above is the Before and After of when she joined Fat Loss University in September of last year.

Here’s what she said about Fat Loss University:
Overall, I lost 7.4 pounds in the program. I am not sure about the inches, but I can see real changes in the photos. The daily check-ins held me accountable, as I am a very competitive person, and do best with peer pressure.

I believe that I had some major non scale wins. Going to sporting events, dinners, birthday parties, and work events, and sticking to seltzer (or just having one drink) has been a huge win, and adapting to the fact that social events do not revolve around booze. And it’s amazing, how much better you feel in the morning. (Not to mention how much money I’ve saved). I’ve been way more conscious about my food decisions, and I lost this weight without even tracking my food. Simply by the protein veggie combo, and keeping active. (And halo top and quest bars). I actually began to enjoy staying in on Sundays and food prepping. Kind of. You really simplified it, and did make it easy!


Here are Three Main Lessons:
1 – Small Changes Can Cause Dramatically Different Results

I bought a book which caused me to start meditating, which put my ideas together more effectively. That led me to a workshop, years later, which led me to write an email about a program.

Other people, took a risk, joined a program, and found ways to change their habits.

In doing so, they came across challenges, rose to meet those challenges and came out on the other side better for it.

All it takes is a change in mindset. That mindset alters one choices and they take a different action, just once. That one time allows you to believe you can do it again and again. And before you know it, your life is different.

2 – Consistency Always Wins
When it comes to eating healthier, working out, meditating or any other habit that adds to your life, the most important aspect is consistency. Not what program or meal plan you have, per say (any better than average program will work), but consistency always wins. The research always bears this out – being able to stick to an eating plan/diet is what makes it effective.

3 – Continuous Improvement
Consistency is super important, especially when it comes to nailing down the fundamentals.

The second most important part is to continuously improve. Be consistent with improvement and your life has no other choice except to get better.

So the question is, are you consistently improving? If so, what are you doing to change that?