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60 Seconds of “Fun” Workout Routine

Happy New Year’s! I hope you’ve all had a great New Year’s, aren’t too hungover and are ready to kick some ass in 2018.

With that said, today’s routine takes about 10 minutes to complete, but is definitely not an easy one. Enjoy!

Short And Effective Workout Routine #3: “A Minute Feels Like an Eternity” Workout
For this routine, you’re going to do one-minute of each exercise, resting 30 seconds after the third exercise and after the last one, you will take a 60 second break. If you complete one round, you’ve done good and that is considered a workout. It should take about 10 minutes. If you’re brave and want to challenge yourself, try to do one more round of all of the exercises. If you make it through 2 rounds, let me know.

The “A Minute feels like Eternity” Workout
1. Split Squats – Right leg forward (Complete for 1-minute)
2. Split Squats – Left leg forward (Complete for 1-minute)
3. Single Arm Dumbbell Row – Right Arm (Complete for 1-minute)
4. Single Arm Dumbbell Row – Left Arm (Complete for 1-minute)
5. Push-ups (Complete for 1 minute)
Break for 30 seconds
6. Single Arm Clean and Press – Right Arm (Complete for 1-minute)
7. Single Arm Clean and Press – Left Arm (Complete for 1-minute)
8. Tricep Dips (Complete for 1-minute)
9. Goblet Squats (Complete for 1-minute)
Rest at least 60 seconds. You can end it there, or if you’re brave, you can do one more round.

Pictures And Instructions for all of the Exercises


Split Squats

A – I have no idea, what I’m doing with my hand with this picture – please don’t do that.
B – You’re going to stand with one foot forward, one foot back. Bend at the knee, so that your back knee almost hits the ground,

The key is to keep most of your weight in your front leg, the whole time. After a minute, you’re going to switch legs.


Single Arm Dumbbell Row

A – She’s using a kettlebell. You will be using a dumbbell.

B – You’re going to take a wide step back, so your back leg is straight and from your ankles, hips and shoulders. With your opposite hand, you’re going to brace your forearm on your opposite thigh.

The arm with the weight is going to row up, bringing your elbow nice and high and trying to get the weight to touch your chest. Do that for a minute, and then switch sides.

Start in a push-up position (aka, on your toes and with your hands under your shoulders), keeping your hips in line with your shoulders the whole time. From there, bend at your shoulders and elbows, making sure to not flare your elbows out when you go down, bringing your chest to the floor. Push-up to the starting position. 

Single-Arm Clean and Press:
A – Start with a dumbbell in one hand, feet shoulder width apart
B – Shoot the hips back (hip hinge) and bring the weight down towards the middle of your legs
C – From there, using your hips to power the movement, bring the dumbbell up to your shoulder with your palm facing your ear
D – Squat down, keeping the weight by your shoulder
E – Stand up and press the weight overhead
F – Bring the weight down to your shoulder
G – Start over. Aka, Shoot the hips back (hip hinge) and bring the weight down towards the middle of your legs

Tricep Dips
With tricep dips, you’re going to find something sturdy, like a chair propped up against a wall, the edge of your couch or bed. With palms facing back, you’re going to grab the edge with your hands and walk your feet out (the straighter your legs, the harder the movement).

From there, bend at your elbows and shoulders, keeping your body near the edge and then straighten out the arms. You should feel this in your triceps (the back portion of your arm).

Goblet Squats
Start by holding a weight with the bottom portion of your palms holding the top of one side of a weight. Keep your elbows tucked in, feet about shoulder width apart.

Move your hips back and down and get as low as you can, while not allowing your knees to cave in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Try to rest as little as possible throughout this whole sequence. The less rest, the harder the workout will be. The more rest, the easier it will be. After the 6th exercise, take a 30 to 60 second break in between rounds.

Time to Complete
This workout should take 10 minutes to complete if you do one round and a little over 20 if you do two rounds.

For women, a 15-lb dumbbell for the exercises would be good. For men, a 25-lb dumbbell is a good start.

With that said, you can always use more weight or less, but I wouldn’t recommend going too light.

Stop If…
If your form breaks down or you feel any pain (not a muscle burning from doing the work) either stop the movement or adjust it.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to let me know.

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