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5 Lessons to Learn from Moms

For all the moms today, Happy Mother’s Day!  Hope it’s been a good day and just wanted to say, You’re Awesome!

Today’s article deals with 5 lessons that we can learn from Moms.  Enjoy!

1 – Celebrate Victories
The research is pretty convincing that when you celebrate small wins and achievements you are more likely to continue those activities.

From relationships, to work, to overall happiness and motivation, those that celebrate victories (large and small) have better relationships, do better at work, are happier and more motivated.

What are small victories?  Showing up at the gym, prepping your food for the next few days, not buying snacks that you don’t need or really want.  These victories, no one is going to know is happening, except you.  Celebrate them!  Share them with those you care about and make it mean something for you.

Larger victories should also be celebrated – Finally losing the weight you wanted to lose, lifting a certain amount of weight, mastering a new movement.  These things require many small victories before you achieve them and should be celebrated even more.

Moms know this instinctively.  The first time a baby speaks, walks, starts to potty train and getting good grades, is usually celebrated.  These are milestones and they lead to more of the actions.

This advice is small and seems somewhat innocuous, but can play a pivotal factor in your long-term success.  If something is hard and the journey arduous, I think it’s even more important to celebrate those small wins!

2 – Do Your Best

“Do Your Best,” is sage advice most moms will likely impart onto their children.

You’re going to mess up.  You’re going to have life throw you some curveballs, but at the end of the day, the only thing you can do is to Do Your Best.

Your best can change day to day.  If you’re doing the best though, then there is no more you can ask from yourself.

Often times people come to me, seeking answers for “the best” workout program or “best foods to eat,” and the truth is, there is no singular best – but there are best choices for your life and circumstances.  As long as you’re continually doing your best, with the circumstances that are real for you, then you will most likely see progress towards your goals and that’s all you can ask for.

3 – Have a Bed Time
This gets lost on most of us especially as we get older, but one of the first habits Mom’s try to impart onto us is a standard time for bed.  And even more than that, a routine for going to bed.

Sleep is so ridiculously important for self-control, happiness, blood sugar regulation and just the desire to do your best.  It’s easier to stay on track with your eating and celebrate small victories when you’ve gotten enough sleep.

As you get older and life becomes more complicated, it becomes easier to push back the sleep time.  Fight to keep your sleep steady throughout the week and most of the weekend.  The better your sleep, the higher the odds of the “best you” showing up.

4 – Stay on Track
How many children want to stay on track when they’re younger?  Not many.

You may have not wanted to go to bed when you were told to.  You maybe didn’t want to go to school. You didn’t want to clean your room.  You didn’t want to do your homework or eat your vegetables.

These complaints are ones that moms see every day and every day, moms remind you to do them.

Do that to yourself.  Be the voice of reason that wants the best for yourself.  It’s a lesson that many moms do for you when you’re younger that you have to take up as you get older.

5 – Have Fun!
A lot of this post was on the things we should be doing.  The resilience to do things when we would rather not – but often times, we should also, “Just have fun!”

And this is where moms excel also.  They have a way of making the things you don’t want to do more fun, whether by making games out of something mundane or accepting when you really didn’t want to do something.  By taking the pressure off of it and making the activity fun, the activity itself becomes more enjoyable.

This lesson is invaluable, as often times we can’t change the circumstances, but we can change how we view what we’re doing and how we go about enjoying it.  You can either change the circumstance or change the way you approach it and moms have a special way of making the circumstances, no matter what they were, more fun.