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40 Lessons from my “34th Birthday”

A couple of weeks ago was my birthday (why you haven’t heard from me in two weeks) and I posted some lessons I’ve picked up over the years (and some I’m still working on). Hopefully, they might help you

“To Reverent Sunsets and Bold Daybreaks…Cheers!”⁣**

1. You are You. You are not your past or feelings. You can choose a different path at any time.⁣ (For more, go Here)

2. The Purpose of Life is whatever you make of it. Our Self does best when rooted in Love, Growth, Appreciation, Community, and Purpose.⁣

3. You are born from the fire, and it is where you return to. Burn away all that is not you.⁣

4. Peace of Mind and Vitality in mind, body, and spirit is what makes life worthwhile.⁣

5. We are more alike than dissimilar. When we can see our shared humanity is change possible.⁣

6. Magic is real. We call it science and since it’s so common, forget to recognize it.⁣ (For more, go Here)

7. Books and Writing are the most powerful forces on earth. They can change a person, expand a mind, and make or break a society.⁣

8. There’s a difference between knowing and “Understanding.” Understanding requires experience.⁣

9. Eat your vegetables daily.

10. A good daily shit is priceless⁣

11. The Basics are the Big Things. Practice them daily.⁣ (More on this Here and here)

12. Success is spending your days doing what you want.⁣

13. Take Quiet Time regularly⁣ (More on this Here)

14. Practice Combative Meditation⁣ (More on this Here)

15. Change is both hard and easy. It just requires giving up everything you’ve been, to be the person you can and will become.⁣

16. Forgiveness and Grace are things both our soul and society sorely need.⁣

17. Courage and the search for Wisdom are the values we can’t live without, if we want a fulfilling life.⁣

18. Our Existential Dread is not being seen, understood, or accepted. It is the deep feeling of being alone with no respite.⁣

19. To be seen, understood, and accepted by ourselves is one of the most magnificent gifts we can give ourselves. This starts with a hope that you are worthy of those things. Hope is the catalyst for all the good things in our lives.⁣

20. We are responsible for everything in our lives. This is both highly unfair, and absolutely freeing.

21. Life is unfair.
This has always been known, but now instead of understanding we All have a responsibility to make the Systems (political, financial, and within companies) more fair, we blame individuals for having “privilege.” This will backfire, just like placing the onus on climate change on individuals vs corps and countries has done. Yes, individuals should recycle and know their “privilege,” but change has to come from the larger structures.⁣

22. Anytime there’s an Us vs Them mentality, we descend into deeper chaos. The more we can see our similarities and our Shared Humanity, the better we can create deep and lasting change.⁣

23. Living in society is a balance between Competition and Cooperation. We need both to survive. Any system that’s skewed towards one end will inevitably fail.⁣

24. Hope, Fear, Desire, Need, and Feed. 
When you have a Hope and dream, usually it’s met with a Fear. Our ego responds to that Fear by shouting Desires, but if we can delineate between what our ego wants and what our Self Needs to grow, we can transform that fear, by feeding it what it Needs (not wants).⁣

25. The Best Changes start internally. You can’t see from the outside looking in, but inside, you’re transformed.⁣

26. Love is Easy. Relationships can be hard.
Remember to get back to love in your relationships and you’ll be better off.⁣

27. We’ve all been hurt emotionally. When we learn to change our emotional patterning, we have the ability to be free within.⁣

28. Understanding the difference between emotions and feelings is key. Emotions are our physical reactions and Feelings are our interpretations of those emotions.⁣

29. Our ability to respond, as opposed to react, to our emotions can transform our feelings and therefore, our lives.⁣

30. Communication is the main ingredient in relationships. Improving this starts with knowing your Self more. ⁣

31. You can Be whoever you want, but you can’t Have whatever you want.

32. Emotional and physical flexibility and strength are the fountains of youth. Use them to cultivate a “scientific mind” and enjoy your body throughout your life.⁣

33. We must deal with the World as it Is…not as we wish it to be, but this doesn’t mean we should stop trying to make it a better version of itself.⁣

34. Reclaiming and using our Individual Power for good, is the point of the Higher Self.⁣

35. Getting out of Life Debt is dealing with unhealed emotional wounds from your past. Some people may not have much Life Debt, others may be riddled with it, but none-the-less, Life Expansion is the goal.⁣

36. Listen to your body, yes……But also have a conversation with it. Your body is NOT the ultimate source of wisdom. Knowing when to listen to it completely, when to have a conversation, and when to outright ignore it, is key living a full and healthy life.⁣  (More on this Here)

37. Have a phrase that equals the essence of “So what?” Life isn’t fair! So what? What are you going to do about it?This person doesn’t like me? So what? Why do you care?My mother doesn’t love me! So what? You still have YOUR life to live.I’m not saying don’t care about anything. Quite the contrary. At the end of the day though, Life is NOT going to be fair. What are you going to do about it? Complain, move on, or do what you have to?⁣

38. The best thing you can do for your health is to cultivate your relationships. This starts with the relationship you have with yourself. Start with accepting your Self, then move onto like and love.⁣

39. Understand the difference between Methods and Principles. Principles are few. Methods can be infinitely varied. Choose and change methods as your life changes.⁣

40. “No fear. No distractions. The ability to let that which does not matter, truly slide.” This was said by a homicidal figment of mind, in a split personality movie (Fight Club), but I can’t understate how important focus is in today’s society.⁣

One for the future that I’m currently working on:⁣
41. Learn to appreciate the good and bad equally and you will be free from the turmoil within.⁣

What’s a lesson you think I’ve missed?

**This is my Cheers (You can read more about it Here)