My First Full Length Play

My “First” Full-Length Play: The Game Changer On Labor day last year, I officially had written my first draft of my play, which I had spent all of August writing.  Since that time, I’ve taken a playwriting class, watched about another 50 plays, wrote 4 other versions of this play, wrote another full- length personal …

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5 Lessons to Teach Yourself

Often times I talk about things to help you learn about what to do to transform your body. There are some things though that are more important what I can teach you, and that you have to learn for yourself, by yourself. What do I think is the most important thing you can do in …

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No BS Gameplan for Fat Loss

No matter where you are on this fat loss journey, one thing remains the same: You need to be in a caloric deficit. Now saying that is obviously easier said than done, which is where all the BS claims come in. “Detoxing” doesn’t really help you lose weight because you’re detoxing – it helps because it’s more of …

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Hoboken Fitness Changes

If you’ve never been a client at Hoboken Fitness and never planned on it, but are on the list about health and fitness information, then here are a few sample meal plans you can use to lose fat AND be healthy:  ​Meal Plans, Supplements, and other Nutrition Details If you’re a vegan, here are two posts on:​A …

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Summer Workout Plan: Workout Templates

If you’re up to date with the latest post, then you know what I believe it takes to Transform Your Body in a shortened time frame (8 to 16 weeks): 1 – A Calloused Mindset (Utilizing both your Warrior and Wizard) 2 – Mastering Your Lifestyle (Taking 10-12k steps/day, getting 7-9 hours of sleep per …

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Your Summer Workout Plan

When working with clients, the overall goal is to help them see the results they’re looking to achieve, while simultaneously helping them to create the habits that will allow them maintain those results.  As such, the process can be slow and steady, with the tortoise winning the race. Sometimes people just want to feel healthier and back that …

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Hoboken Fitness is Moving!

For the past 6 years and 9 months, I’ve run Hoboken Fitness out of two locations.  The first location was at 51 Newark St (the same building as the Starbucks by the Path)​, and if you’ve been with me long enough, then you might remember that small room. It was a 10 by 16 room, where I had dumbbells, …

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How I Lost Fat During the Holidays

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what Creator’s Course is and before I respond to what it is, let me tell you a little story.   You see, Fat Loss U (currently Creator’s Course) began because I saw there is a gaping hole in accountability when it comes to personal training.  If I see a person once or twice …

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Calories for Every Fitness Goal

Calories…Who, in their right mind, cares about calories? I know I don’t. Buuut…your body does. It really, really does. The reason for this is simple – It wants to keep you alive. So thank god, your body cares for calories. With that said, when you’re trying to transform the way your body looks and feels, …

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Learn More About Creator's Course

Online Nutrition, Habit-Change & Program called 
Creator's Course
(previously Fat Loss U)

What does it include? 
1. Free Coaching Call 
When you sign-up, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, and during the 15-30 minutes, and we will discuss your goals, the habits that you should be focusing on, and your overall game plan.

2. The Private Facebook Group is still the Main Component 
You will still get emails, to help you on your journey, but daily check-ins in the private Facebook group is the main component.

3. It is an On-going Program Starting on January 7th 
There is no longer a time-frame for it. It's not 12-weeks, or 8-weeks, or 6 months, but ongoing. The benefits of this is that you can cancel at any time, but it also means that you will get support throughout the year.

4. You Choose from 4 Habits with Daily Check-ins
For example, with fat loss, you will work on 2 habits the first month, and then all 4 the second month. After 8 weeks, you have the choice of trying to learn to maintain those habits for the next 4 weeks, or working on graduating to calorie counting and macro tracking.

5. A Bi-weekly Webinar/Call to Answer All of Your Questions 
This call is also meant for you to start to plan for any potential roadblocks towards your progress.

6. Clear Goal Posts for Each Focus, including When You Should focus on Maintenance

7. Text Access, At Any Time 
Have a question you need help with right now? Text me and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible so that you can stay on track.

Cost:  If you're one of the first 10 people to join, it is only $7 per week. (After 10 people it's $12 per week. After 20 people, it's $17 per person, and after January, all new people will be $22 per week). 

Why, the name Creator's Course? 
Because you are the creator of the lifestyle habits you want to take on and I want you to be reminded of that, from the very first word